This Thanksgiving, Let’s Remember This

This Thanksgiving, let’s remember this.

Our homes are not showrooms. Let us welcome and be welcomed with grace, overlooking the imperfect with appreciation for time spent with our friends and family.

Our children are not robots or mannequins. They are bound to spit up, burp, refuse the brussels sprouts, and not use their best manners. This Thanksgiving, enjoy the young hearts around your table and the lively spirit they bring. For in no time at all, their voices will change and their legs will grow long, as our memories work to remember a time when they were little.

This Thanksgiving, make sure to tell your spouse what moves you about him. Gratitude and a gentle demeaner goes a long way.

The food we’re provided and are providing is a gift, and not a right.

Clean water is beautiful, as is a warm place to gather.

This Thanksgiving, may we remember first and foremost our Savior, Christ Jesus, who brought us here to this place as an act of His great love and mercy. Thanking Him for giving of Himself so we could have this abundant life in Him among those we love.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our families to yours.



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Amanda Bacon

Amanda Bacon

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of eight kids and has been married for sixteen years to the most helpful man on the planet. She is an adoption advocate and encouraging voice for moms everywhere.
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