Episode 42 – Recap From the Hearts at Home North Central Conference, Part 1

Today we will be sharing with you some highlights from our recent trip to the Hearts at Home North Central Conference in Rochester, Minnesota. Can we just say, “Uh-maze-zing?!”  The staff behind the conference, the special speakers, the fabulous vendors, and all the folks playing the supportive roles … all phenomenal! We came away feeling like our hearts were about to burst with godly wisdom and motherly fuel for the daily grind. And we are thrilled to share some of the overflowing goodness with you, our favorite moms!

Join us as we chat through some of what we learned, as well as some Mom-Opposite silliness we discovered along with way. Keep listening to the end if you’d like to go shallow with us as we talk about our hair routines. Lots of laughs there!

And one more thing. Do you have friends who would benefit from The Masterpiece Mom podcast? Would you please share your favorite episodes with them? Thank you. And thanks so much for listening!


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