Episode 24 – Your Questions, Part 2 // Podcast

Welcome to Your Questions, Part 2. Today we will be conversing about where to draw the parental line between simple silliness and purposeful misbehavior. (It’s a tricky one for sure.) We also tackle personality differences and creative ways to instill proper respect into the hearts of our children. And lastly, to add a little spice for the season, we discuss favorite holiday elements and share some of our favorite Christmas movies (there may or may not be some serious movie quoting going on in this episode).

 Before we get started however, we do need to throw a little disclaimer out there. We are admittedly not the authority on all things regarding child rearing and relationships. But between the two of us, we represent 10 kids and 25 years of experience. We’re hoping you in The Masterpiece Mom community will join this conversation and together we can grow and learn from each other. Because that’s what community is all about. Being there for each other. Encouraging one another. Sharing our hearts with one another. Building each other up. And being that voice that says, “I know. Me too!”

Thanks so much for listening!

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