Episode 22 – Living as a Masterpiece in a Pinterest World // Podcast

It’s no secret that social media has changed how we relate to one another. Our ability to see into each other’s lives, whether the real deal or the posed moments we put out there for others to view, has given us new ways to connect. It has also given us a new method to measure popularity. From counting “friends” to numbering “followers,” we can now calculate our value by “shares” and “pins” (kind of like tallying how many autographs one had in their highschool yearbook back in the day).

In today’s episode, we chat about the pros and cons of social media such as Pinterest. And before you start squirming too badly in your seat, let us ease your discomfort a bit. This is a fun conversation. Really. It will only be as convicting as you want it to be. (Please don’t delete us from your list of Friends! We feel honored to be a part of your social media community.)

So come along as we weigh the good, the bad, and the Pin-worthy. Whatever else it may be, it should be Pinteresting. (Haha. Couldn’t resist)

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Okay, on to the episode…

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