Episode 38 – Visualizing a Life Beyond Society’s Expectations for Moms, Part 1

Today’s episode marks Part 1 of a 2-part series on living a life beyond society’s expectations for us moms.

Ouch!  Oh how well we know the sting of feeling like we’re falling short. The pressure out there is fierce. Especially for moms. The competition alone can be downright brutal, drowning any sense of uniqueness and personal value. Often our mothering souls end up feeling more like the punch line of a cruel joke rather than a reflection of a creative God.

In the next episode we’ll chat about the WHAT (as in “what can we do about it”). But for today, we’re going to tackle the HOW. How can we recognize when we’re falling victim to society’s expectations for us as moms? There’s got to be some markers. Something that signals we’re getting off-track from the unique plan God has carved out for us.

The good news is that we don’t have to live shackled to such shallow obligations and stifling expectations. Because He has more for us. So much more.

Have a beautiful day, friends.

P.S. Over on Facebook you can check out the picture we promised of us recording this episode in the car!


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