Episode 16 – Top Secret Mom Hacks // Podcast

Hello and welcome to the podcast that encourages, entertains, and on certain days, somewhat informs.

Now many of you have voiced requests for Daily-Life-How-To mothering content. While we are not professionals and admittedly have our fair share of daily mishaps, we are willing to set aside our pride and disclose some of our miscellaneous whacky mom tips. These ideas and mom hacks are fresh from our homes and very fresh from our mouths, having never ever been talked about between us before. Definitely things to make you go Hmmm…

Happy listening, friends! And hold onto your hats. It’s a little fast paced… Please feel free to share your own mom hacks and whacky tips in the comments. The Masterpiece Mom community thanks you!

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      Having children definitely encourages creativity in the date department. Hmmm. We are gift card hoarders. We’ll stretch them as far as they can go, drawing out the number of dates we can use them for, and make a game out of how inexpensively we can go on a date. If a babysitter isn’t available, we’ll go for a walk…letting the kids ride their bikes while we slowly follow, holding hands and catching up on the day. Some of our favorite dates have included miniature golfing, four-wheeling, hiking, going to an indoor golf range (where the newbie: me, proceeded to hit the ceiling with her golf ball), watching airplanes a few miles from the airport, bonfiring (after the kids are in bed), and my fave: finding a cozy spot to have dessert and coffee (any time of day). Whatever it takes to keep the spark alive. Great question, Kamio!!

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