Introducing The Masterpiece Mom

Welcome to The Masterpiece Mom! We are VERY excited to finally be able to share this site with you. We have been talking and dreaming about this for a looong time. Frankly we’re amazed we’ve been able to keep the ministry name and website under wraps for so long. Any more secrecy and our mama brains might burst. We are really hoping that our hours and days and months of planning and implementation will bless your heart and reach into the depth of your soul as you soak up the messages of hope and encouragement you find here.

We recognize that as our two homes are extremely different, your home probably is too. Whether you’re a single mom, military mom, a mom of 20 kids, or from Timbuktu, all moms need encouragement from time to time. We need to hear that we matter. That what we’re doing as moms matters. That God has a purpose for our lives (and our kid’s lives). And He is moving and shaping us each and every day, through the good, the hard, and the unexpected moments of motherhood.

We are thrilled that you have chosen to join this community. Or maybe you’re merely curious and just want to check things out. Regardless of your age or stage of life, you are welcome here. We want this to be a fun, safe place to share our hearts and learn from each other as we pursue Christ.

Now, we do have a favor to ask. If you like what you see and hear in this space, will you please share us with your friends, family members, email address book, Facebook friends, and every mom you know who might appreciate receiving a hearty helping of hope? Thank you!!! We are counting on you, our friends (new and old), to spread the word about The Masterpiece Mom. “Like” us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Pin our posts and pics on Pinterest. You can even subscribe to our podcast on iTunes! Tell your girlfriends and even the cranky cashier at the grocery store about this cool new website you ran across for moms. And make sure you sign up on our email list on the sidebar to get the very latest posts and podcasts direct to your Inbox. We promise we won’t share your email address with another soul.

Lastly, we would appreciate your prayers as we develop and grow this site. This is a big undertaking for two already very busy moms. But we sense the Lord’s direction as we move forward in faith, directing our feet in the way we should go. Thanks for cheering us on! We’re eager to see what God has in store here at The Masterpiece Mom.

Until next time…

Amanda & Anne-Renee

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