Episode 10 – From Guilt to Grace, Part 2 // Podcast

Welcome back to The Masterpiece Mom Podcast! Today we will be continuing our conversation on Mom Guilt: From Guilt to Grace – Part 2. This time we will hear about guilt from Amanda’s perspective. She will be sharing about the very first time she felt Mom Guilt as a young mom of one, and what every day things she feels guilty about now in her role as a busy mom of eight.

Join us as we discuss how to get rid of the guilt and embrace the grace God so freely gives us. Pretty amazing, but He’s just waiting for us to release all that annoying and destructive guiltiness to Him, allowing Him room to replace it with His all encompassing peace. Ahhhh…peace. Just what every mom needs!

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  1. says

    Wow Amanda! You were describing me to a tee!!! I sat here and kept thinking, that is how I feel! Thank you so much for your encouraging words girls! I get so excited to find a new podcast in my inbox. You are what I listen to during my quite before the kids get up in the morning and I so enjoy it!:)
    I too and trying to not use the computer as much. We do not have much of the social media but, I have been trying to just unplug the computer and put it in a drawer so that it is away and out of sight. The it is not so tempting to just sit down and get lost for hours of nothing!
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next episode.:)

    • Amanda Bacon says

      I’m so glad you could relate, and were encouraged along the way! That’s our hope.

      Isn’t it amazing what putting away the computers/devices will do? I get so much done and spend much more quality time with my people. :)

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