Episode 9 – From Guilt to Grace, Part 1 // Podcast

After closing out our five-week long series on Mothering Myths, it’s time to take this podcast in a new direction! Mom Guilt, anyone? Oh, yes. That.

If you’ve ever felt guilty because you’re craving a break from your kids or that you didn’t wash their sheets for the third month in a row, you’ve suffered from Mom Guilt. That eensy weensy little voice that tells us we’ve failed. Again.

Where does this guilt come from anyways? Well, do you have 20 minutes? We hope so. Because you won’t want to miss this new two-part series.

If you appreciate the things you hear from us in this episode and you think other moms would benefit too, please share with your friends! Thanks so much. We appreciate you.

Okay now, scroll on down and press play!



  1. says

    Another good one girls! Thanks!!!! I always get so excited to find you in my inbox!
    Yeah for cuppow! I LOVE ’em!!!!! I have a few of them and use them everyday. I have the wide mouth ones and use the pint in a half jars for them. Great size for everyday drinking!

    • Amanda Bacon says

      Thank you for your encouragement, Kristina! We love coming to your inbox too. 😉 Hooray for Cuppow too.

  2. Christina says

    I smile everytime that I hear the intro music. Wow, perfect topic for me today! Just this morning I dropped my children off at VBS at my church, as I looked around I saw many moms volunteering with more and younger children than me and immediately I felt so guilty that I hadn’t signed up to help out. I felt like a failure that I couldn’t do it all, and well VBS is more of a God thing than trying to keep up at home, right, and it shouldn’t matter that I feel tired each day with my teething little one. Ideals and people pleasing keep me feeding on guilt. Thankfully God showed me today that it was okay to say no and He needs me in my home this week and it’s okay.
    I too love my Pampered Chef hamburger chopper thing, use it all the time!!

    • says

      Oh Christina, I can totally relate! As a working mom, every single year I miss out on being able to volunteer for VBS. And I’ve had those same guilty feelings dropping off my kiddos, seeing all the “other moms” rush around, loving and serving. Yes, yes. This message of Mom Guilt is for ALL of us, no matter what season of mothering we find ourselves in. Thank you for sharing your struggles and what God is teaching you through them!
      And I found out the official name for my hamburger chopper thingy is Mix ‘N Chop. (Yahoo – love learning new things!)

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