Episode 8 – Mothering Myths: Part 5 of 5 // Podcast

Ever held off doing something you knew God was calling you to do, simply because you thought you needed a BIGGER or stronger  faith?

Well, today we’re discussing just that as we close out our series on Mothering Myths with Myth #5: I Should Have A Flawless Faith.

Remember the little boy David and that big ol’ Goliath? What if David had waited until he was older, stronger, or more courageous to step forward and start fighting giants? What about Gideon? Noah? Abraham and Sarah? These stories will make your heart soar. For they were all flawed in their faith. Rather encouraging for the rest of us faulty folk, don’t you think?!

Join us as we discuss how God can use even the most imperfect faith, in His perfect timing, in His perfect way.

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  1. Christina says

    You ladies remind me so much of my best friend. She came into my life close to five years ago and her message to me was that God is faithful! I had many doubts and struggles in realizing that God loved me the way I am. I have always felt like I’m falling short because I doubt easily, don’t pray with ease of words, didn’t go to bible school and so on. When times get tough the doubts overwhelm but through my friend God has shown me many times over that He is always trustworthy and faithful even when I can’t see clearly. Thanks so much for your message.
    I would love to hit the Canadian East coast Niagra Falls to the home of Anne of Avonlea. I too love history and often imagine going down to Georgia and Charleston, to see the lands that were first occupied when America started.
    Keep up the faith girls!

    • says


      So glad this podcast spoke to your heart and challenged you with its message of imperfect faith. Your friend sounds like a keeper! And we LOVE your Anne of Avonlea dream travel idea…which of course then adds in Prince Edward Island (home of Anne of Green Gables). Maybe we can put that on a “someday” list. Thanks so much for listening and sharing your heart with us!

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