When Your Real Life Isn’t Changing with the New Year

I adore the start of a new year. Though, of course, it’s just figurative. Nothing truly changes except the four numbers on the end of the date. But I love it anyways.

Unless you’re in a great minority, chances are,  your life is still the same as it was on December 31st. There are still bills to be paid. Relationships to navigate. Adult-ish duties to be taken care of like work, housework, cooking, and child-rearing.

While I love a fresh start (and a new wall calendar), I prefer the start of summer over all that comes with the arrival of January 1st. Summer releases me from all I find mundane. Routine. Schedules. Driving to and from activities for the older kids and school for one of the kids.

You see, my personality finds me allergic to sameness. You too? Especially when that sameness includes a hefty dose of hardship. 2015 was the most difficult year of my life. Hands-down. Even counting my parents’ divorce when I was a girl.

So I was ready to move on when midnight on the 31st rolled around and Jeremy planted a kiss on my lips to celebrate. But the hard season didn’t magically disappear when the clock rolled past twelve. It’s still the same.

What do we do when our circumstances are still the same when all we want is some newness? What do we do when life is still hard in this season and the change we’re hoping for hasn’t yet come?

The simple answer is we change our outlook on it.

Hard seasons are a bridge to a new and better season. Better yet, we see and draw closer to the Lord in hard times. That is, if we decide to. So if we decide to see our challenges as a bridge rather than a pit, we’ll be better for it. And with Christ, the victor, right at our side, we’re in good company.

These days, I’m choosing to journey on this bridge with my chin held high and my heart set on Christ and the victory that was already won up ahead.

So maybe the start of this new year won’t see a change in our life circumstances, but maybe the new year will see a change in us.

Amanda Bacon

Amanda Bacon

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of eight kids and has been married for sixteen years to the most helpful man on the planet. She is an adoption advocate and encouraging voice for moms everywhere.
Amanda Bacon

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  1. Bethany Davis says

    Good morning, Amanda,

    Oooohhh yes! I hear you about the year 2015. I would say it was probably one of the most difficult years for me too. Thank you so much once again for your words of wisdom. The funny thing was, everything “bad” in 2015 started a year ago this week. Pray that I too will see my hard times as a bridge rather than a pit. I honestly don’t know what’s in store for me in 2016.
    In Christ,


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