So Many Different Mothers Called to So Many Different Things

In the modern age we’re living in, there are so many different mothers called to so many different things. Some mothers stay home with their kids. Some work outside the home. Some work at home. Well, we all work at home. But you know what I mean.

Some run home-based businesses. Some run corporations. Some run marathons.

Some have their kids in public school. Some private school. Some homeschool.

Some are in ministry. Some in college.

Some read lots of books. Some read their text messages, and that’s as far as they get.

Some are military wives, some are in the military themselves.

Some are authors. Some bloggers. Some photographers.

Some volunteer in schools or with an organization.

Some teach classes, garden, or make things to sell or give away.

Some deliver hot meals to those in need. Some are ill and need to be taken care of.

We can see so many differences in the moms around us. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It reminds me of the way the body of Christ is described in 1 Corinthians 12. There are many members of the body, each different for varying purposes in the building of God’s kingdom.

We’re pretty good at recognizing these differences and appreciating them even, but we often have trouble seeing that what we’re doing is good or enough. It’s as if what we do doesn’t fit in with all the wonderful and important things we see other women pursuing.

What you do is important. Who you are is intentional.

What if we believed that what God made in us and is doing through us is good? Beautiful even. 

Can we be done with looking to the right and to the left, at her gifts or her contributions and see that what Christ is making in us is purposeful and needed? Can we just be okay with us?

I struggle with this at times. Though I have a strong sense of purpose and vision for my life, it’s easy to start looking around at people my age doing the same things I’m doing, but appear more “successful.” But then I look at my family. My family is different than theirs. I’m not called to their life, and they’re not called to live mine. God made me the mom of this large family on purpose. My family takes time and lots of it. I know I’m in the right place, doing the things the Lord is asking of me right now. So comparing my life with hers will do me no favors. It will only leave me feeling defeated and resentful of my life.

The things God’s given us to do are purposeful.

We’re playing an important part in His story. It may seem like nothing. But it most definitely is something.


Are there parts of you life that are small and unseen, but you’re confident God is using for His purpose? Please share with us. 

Amanda Bacon

Amanda Bacon

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of eight kids and has been married for sixteen years to the most helpful man on the planet. She is an adoption advocate and encouraging voice for moms everywhere.
Amanda Bacon

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