Masterpiece Weekend: May 23-25, 2014

These weekend features are to remind us of all of the INGs of life. The Doing. The Nothing. The Speaking (of the Holy Spirit). The Listening (of our hearts). As you read about the wanderings of my heart this week, consider recounting the journey of your own.

SAVORING:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We have this amazingly beautiful Rose Tree of China planted in our front yard. I’ve been in love with it for years. But no matter how hard or long I wish it would bloom throughout the entire summer, it continues to be true to itself, flowering for just a few short days in May. Most years, I spend my time bitterly glancing sideways at it from across the yard knowing it’s delicate pink blooms will soon be a memory. In those moments, I think I’m savoring it by lamenting it’s nearing departure. But truly, I’m completely missing the point.

This weekend, may we savor the fleeting moments. Thankful we’ve experienced them at all.


JUGGLING:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    As I move forward into the weekend, I’m struck by just how much I’ve been juggling. I’m not talking about children or responsibilities, though we moms are known for our skill in this area, aren’t we? I speak of the varied mix of burdens I’ve continued to toss around in my thoughts. Even though it felt awful, continuing to keep unhealthy ponderings and concerns up in the air seemed like the only way to remedy the unrest within. When really, I should have let the burdens fall to the ground, not concerning myself with where they may roll. Christ doesn’t need my mess to be tidy before scooping it off the floor and onto himself. He specializes in this sort of thing.

Do you have burdens clinging tightly this week? Let’s let them roll, allowing Jesus to sweep up the pieces. Waiting for Him to do His work in our lives, accepting the peace He’s already placed within us.

May I share one of the my most treasured songs to help us do just that? I dare you to listen just once.

Waiting Here For You (Live), Christy Nockels – Passion Conference 2011


May your weekend be free from the work of juggling and full of the act of savoring, friends. What might this look like for you?


Amanda Bacon

Amanda Bacon

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of eight kids and has been married for sixteen years to the most helpful man on the planet. She is an adoption advocate and encouraging voice for moms everywhere.
Amanda Bacon

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