Episode 13 – The Gifts of Motherhood, Part 2 // Podcast

Did you know you’ve already got what it takes to be a good mom?!

God has given each one of us moms the perfect gifts and talents that are perfect for our families. And what about those longings and dreams and desires within our hearts? Well, He has instilled them within us, not to simply tease us with what we don’t have time to do as a mom, but to strengthen us, encouraging us to wisely utilize them at the perfect time, for His perfect plan.

And to top it all off, He has given us the gift of gifts: His Holy Spirit, the Helper! We are not alone in the adventure of motherhood. We are well equipped.

So you can do this, mom! You’ve got what it takes! We promise.

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  1. Christina says

    Hi ladies, I’m so behind on podcasts but still determined to catch up!I have a difficult time seeing my gifts as a mom, but I been noticing lately how much I enjoy seeing and hearing my six year old read. I think that is a fruit of how much I love to read and have invested much time reading with my children. Now theymay not all love reading someday but it is so rewarding to see them learn and eager to do so. This post encouraged me to open myself up to the gifts I have.

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